Our clients choose BestAssets because we are committed to providing exceptional service and nationwide support. We are there for you from the beginning to the end and everywhere in between. No matter where your portfolio of properties is located, we can mobilize a network of experienced real estate professionals. Our network of contractors and neighborhood REO brokers provide you with the expertise and knowledge to manage, market and sell your REO properties.


In addition, we offer flexibility to our clients. We know that each portfolio is different, so we embrace changes to make things happen. No matter the size, we take care of your portfolio. To provide excellent response times, all work processes are managed by our asset management system, which provides 24/7 access to files, photos and property documents.


Our Mission

We are a real estate service company dedicated to achieving client goals, and creating a positive buying experience for each customer with a commitment to technology, training, and execution.


Our Vision

To be a preferred provider of real estate related services in markets where we compete.


Our Commitment

BestAssets has what it takes to deliver high performance results for all of your REO needs – the right people with the right skills, values and goals, and all dedicated to serving our clients.  Our professional REO asset management team carefully assesses each REO property for home ownership to determine the most appropriate sales and marketing plan. Our network is able to facilitate finding qualified buyers for any property nationwide.


Reduce the holding time of your REO properties.

BestAssets has developed a system to deploy and execute customized REO solutions. We thrive on short timelines and are leaders in the industry at quickly reducing inventories for our clients.


Liquidate your REO assets at maximum recovery value.

Our net sales results are achieved through specialized training of our brokers and agents.  The primary focus of our training is to direct sales to homeowners.


Reduce client burden caused by increased compliance regulations.

Your regulatory risk is taken off the table and the responsibility for the entire process rests in our hands.  We ensure your REO properties are in compliance with all federal, state and local regulations.